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12-28-2009, 09:28 PM
Desmo Northwest has a well established informal community, specifically our online web forum. This is the main "virtual" social medium and allows folks to trade ideas and discuss numerous topics in an open forum.

Integrated with our online presence is the establishment of a formal Ducati-sanctioned DOC, or Desmo Owners Club.

Membership in our DOC entails dues in the amount of $30 per year. These dues entitles a member in good standing, one vote at all club and annual meetings, access to DOC-only areas of our website, as well as access to discounts from local dealerships and sponsoring companies.
Upon receipt of our membership dues, Ducati will send you a DOC package which includes:

• One Ducati DOC Club pin
• One Ducati DOC sticker for the current year
• One Ducati Logo sticker
• One Ducati DOC patch for the current year

(Note: Ducati is notoriously slow getting these out. Please be patient. They are out of our control.)

In addition to the above items, you will also receive access to discounts from the following sponsors and local retailers:

• 10% off clothing, parts, and accessories from Ducati Seattle
• 10% off clothing, parts and accessories from Eastside Motosports
• 10% off items ordered from Speedymoto
• Reduced pricing and/or free entry to Desmo Northwest social events
• Access to other DOC events - local, regional, national and international

Paid DOC membership is not required to participate in the on-line forum; however, by signing up as a DOC member, you will be able to help guide our community going forward and ensure the ongoing positive direction of what has already been established.

We welcome your interest in the Club and appreciate your support. If you wish to sign up as a Club member, please follow the directions below. Afterward you'll be directed to PayPal to pay by the method of your choice.

Please note: You must have a user ID with Desmonorthwest.com and a valid email address. If you do not have a desmonorthwest.com user ID, please register here first http://www.desmonorthwest.com/forums/register.php.

The Official Guide to Joining or Renewing a Membership to DesmoNorthwest

If you would like to join the DesmoNorthwest Ducati Owners Club (DOC), or renew an existing or expired membership, you’re in the right place! The procedure is largely the same for either joining or renewing, and it’s very painless.

First at the top right hand side of the forum click on "settings" to get to your control panel.


On the left side is Your Control Panel menu navigation options. At the very bottom is a link called ‘Paid Subscriptions’. Click this link now.


Here you can see if you have an active subscription (membership) and when it expires. You don't have to wait until the subscription is expired to renew. Any remaining days on your current subscription will be added on.


Once you click the 'Order' button, you will be directed to Paypal for payment options. When you are done, you are returned to the forum. You can check for successful membership registration by following the same steps as above. Please email us if you encounter any issues: admin@desmonorthwest.com

Thanks for being a member!

dc, Desmo Northwest Webmaster