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07-11-2012, 11:53 PM
I have to be in Denver by Thursday Morning to receive my girlfriend at the airport and cushion the impact of meeting 30+ Mccarthys in one swoop. I'm planning on leaving as soon as I can get myself together Sunday and busting ass out there on the Adventure 640. That being said, I'll have enough time to avoid the boring SLC through Laramie WY route, and take a few secondary roads. Any suggestions for the way there?

The way home is far more open ended. I can take as much time as needed, although 5 days is ideal to keep life sane back up here. Suggestions here as well!?

07-12-2012, 12:23 AM
Here you go. http://www.martysteinberg.com/rides/colorado2011.htm

Some things we learned along the way. When going through Flaming Gorge, take 530 instead of 191. 530 is much more scenic and twisty than 191. If you looking for a little off pavement adventure with the 640, try the FlatTopsByway from Meeker to Yampa. http://www.meekercolorado.com/byway.htm Loveland Pass and Berthound are terrific, try to go through them. Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful, but expect summer traffic on the Estes Park side. We stayed in Grand Lake which was really nice then entered the park's west entrance early the next morning and went through eastbound to Estes Park. Stay away from the Evergreen area. Its dense urban sprawl with traffic lights ever quarter mile. If you can get up Mt Evans do it. We weren't able to go because we got there late in the day (3pm) and it was closed already. Aspen was stupid expensive and honestly not very interesting. It was like Beverly Hills in the mountains. I wish we had stayed in Leadville instead but we had our reservations already made.

On long trips like this I've adopted a style of long distance on the freeway (like 500+miles) to get out of Washington the first day, then every day after that is on good roads I haven't been on before targeting 300-350ish daily miles, depending on road conditions. The more you want to explore, the shorter your day mileage will be which is ok since you're on vacation, right?

Have fun.

07-14-2012, 03:51 PM
Looking forward to some good pics. :cool2:

Have fun! :riding: