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04-25-2013, 01:55 PM
Hey folks!

I just wanted to announce to DesmoNorthwest that we have completed testing on our Panigale SPG ECU Flash and it is available for sale!
We have tested the new Panigale ECU programming with great success. In fact, at Portland International Raceway Brett was able hit 183 MPH and outrun Cory West’s AMA Superbike! Watching a stock bike with taped up headlights reel in an AMA Superbike was a sight to behold.


What is the SPG Flash?

Ducati Seattle’s Racing department (SPG) reprograms the Panigale’s stock ECU with a program we have developed. This is not just a custom fuel tuning. We have improved the feel and performance of the bike in a number of ways:

Race Mode: In race mode we have tuned the bike to extract 5-15 more HP. In addition, we have increased the rev limiter to 12,000 RPM, giving you the option for an ‘overboost’ which can drastically reduce your laptimes. This makes the bike a serious track weapon. The new fueling also creates a smoother roll-on coming out of corners.

Sport Mode: In sport mode, we have also extracted 5-15 more HP, but we have concentrated the improvement in the lower RPM range between 5,000 and 7,000 RPM. This gives the bike more of a classic Ducati ‘grunt’ down low. We have also changed a variety of other settings to increase the fun factor when riding the bike.

How do I get it?

Call Zach at Ducati Seattle for pricing and to make an appointment. We can SPGFlash your bike while you wait if you have an appointment. If you live out of state you can FEDEX us your ECU and we can reflash it for you and send it back!

Coming Soon!

We will be announcing our program for the Multistrada and Diavel very shortly. Give Zach a call if you are interested in helping us test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restore my ECU back to its original state?
- Yes. We safely store your original, unmodified ECU file. We can write back your original file at any time, restoring your bike to stock.

Can I get a custom tune?
- Yes, we can give you a custom tune directly to your ECU specific to your needs on our IN HOUSE Superflo Dyno. This includes throttle mappings, fuel mappings, RPM limits etc... Give Zach a call for details and pricing!

How is this different than a Power Commander?
- Because we work with the ECU itself, there are none of the limits of a Bazzaz or Power Commander. With those expensive add-ons, you can’t control the fueling below 6,000 RPMs, you can’t adjust the Rev limit or the throttle mapping. Below 6,000 RPM the Panigale’s ECU takes over and programs over any changes the Power commander might make! For tuners who still wish to use a Bazzaz or Power Commander we have a baseline reflash that is available