View Full Version : Any events or rides?

12-16-2005, 12:41 AM
Are there any ride events coming up? It's gotten pretty cold; we had snow a week ago or so. I live on a sailboat in Squalicum Marina and there was plenty of snow.

I've had my Multistrada since the beginning of 2004; I bought it in N. California. I've ridden to Prescott and Phoenix (through heavy rain and snow), all through California and last summer, rode with my son (he has a 2005 Multistrada S) from N. California via east OR and WA to Bellingham. A great ride except it was pretty warm in the east.

Just before this past snow, I rode from here into BC. I followed some of the roads that were on their map and once I got away from the traffic it was a nice ride. It got cold pretty early in the day despite all of the gear and insulation.

Just checking. My e-mail is svloon41@yahoo.com

Joe Long

12-16-2005, 08:02 AM
you can ride over to my house, roll your bike next to mine in the garage, and we can pretend to ride (dibs on the heater next to my bike). its too darn cold for me to be riding. I'm slidding all over the place in the car, i'm not gonna take the duc out there. maybe my dirtbike if I had studded tires...but.....mmmmm...... that would be a negative.

If you have the balls to go out there in this weather, and can keep warm enough to enjoy the ride, you're a bigger man than I. Be safe. As soon as its warm enough, my bike is taking me for a spin.