View Full Version : Spotted the Xerox Ducati in Seattle today...

01-21-2006, 12:58 AM
No, I dont work for any motorcycle company and I'm not plugging Ducati of Seattle either...I was just in there today was all and the truck rolled up with some new Ducati motorcycles including a cherry lookin Xerox Ducati 999R, first one I've seen. I am still upset there was no new 999R at the Seattle IMS so this was a nice treat. Salesman told me he expects it to be sold in a matter of hours. It was numbered in the low teens I guess.

I'll probably swing back by this weekend just in case it hasnt been sold and try to snap some pics of this fine beauty. I felt like I was just baptized by a new Ducati religous experience.

Anyone else spotted the Xerox around?