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Rick Rinaldo
07-03-2004, 08:35 PM
Does anyone know if there are differences in the engine and performance of the '03 749S vs. the '04 749S?

Some of the literature that I have read has the 03 749S with the same engine specs and horsepower as the 03 749. But for the 04, it has the 749S with different cams and much more horsepower than the 749. Does anyone know for sure and if so, can they point me to the literature.



07-03-2004, 08:39 PM
Rick I'll do some digging and find out what specs have changed since last model year.
Stay tuned :D

07-04-2004, 01:48 PM
The 2004 model makes 110 bhp vs abou 103 for the 2003 model. Torque is up slightly too and peak rpm rises to 11250. :D This is an excerpt from an MCN article posted on Ducati.com:

"For 2004 Ducati has tweaked the 749S's powerplant to raise peak horsepower and put it more on a par with the 600cc four-cylinder competition. To be exact it has risen by 6.7bhp to a claimed 110bhp.

"Torque is up too, although less dramatically - an increase of 0.74ftlb to 57.56 ftlb. The rev ceiling has moved up to 11.250rpm.

"The power boost is noticeable immediately. The new motor revs more freely and more quickly than the old 'S' and pulls hard in the first five gears - sixth was only hooked very briefly on the start/finish straight of our test at the Catalunya GP circuit in Spain. On the old 749S the motor would start to lose drive in fourth gear with 110mph showing.

"To safely wring out those extra horses Ducati has revised the crankshaft, valves and rocker gear. The crank's flywheels have been trimmed to make them smaller across their width and breadth, but adding to their depth. The weight loss is enough to help the crank respond quicker with large throttle openings. Like the ST3, the new 749S has benefited from a polishing process on the crankshaft and conrods which is claimed to strengthen them.

"Engine breathing is boosted by the use of narrower valve stems (6mm from 7mm) and the diameter of the inlet valves has grown 1mm to 38mm to speed up gas flow. And because of this, and the higher rev limit, the valves' closing shims are now retained by conical titanium collets. These are the same type as used in Neil Hodgson's WSB championship winning 999 F03 bike. They are much bigger than the old 'wire' type retainers and have a greater friction effect to effectively grip the valve stem and stay in place at high revs. New camshaft profiles have led to longer valve lift and duration.

"A possible weak link that could have manifested itself as major mechanical failure at high revs was the closing rockers. These were cast items, potentially weak where excess molten metal escaped between the two halves of the casting mould. But a new-shaped casting mould produces rockers with a stronger and lighter 'H' shape and minimal flash, which is then polished off.

"So, more power, same sweet handling and in the words of one Ducati technician: 'A little more from a V-twin is enough to beat Japanese four-cylinder bikes.'"

Rick Rinaldo
07-04-2004, 02:47 PM
Thanks -- Looks like I should be buying 2004 model.

07-04-2004, 04:54 PM
yeah, what Leo said :p