View Full Version : Impending Legislation to make your bike illegal in BC!

Ric Caley
04-27-2007, 05:00 PM
Here in British Columbia, MLA :action027 Lorne Mayencourt:action027 has introduced a private members bill in the BC legislature to limit the sound of a motorcycle exhaust in urban areas to a maximum of 85DBs:eek: ... (Ducatis stock barely meet the European requirements of 92 Dbs.) This 85DB level is way lower than any stock bike currently on the market. MLA Lorne Mayencourt's bill to lower the decibel level from 91 to 85 can be found here: http://www.leg.bc.ca/38th3rd/1st_read/m203-1.htmI
I urge all BC members and motorcyclists to contact their Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) to voice their opposition to this ill-conceived piece of legislation. We currently have adequate laws on the books, and it is a lack of enforcement, as well as the need for expensive, specialized equipment and testing procedures, and trained personnel, that is resulting in the numerous overly loud, straight pipes being ridden on this city's streets. Before you think it only applies to the "Loud Pipes Save Lives" advocates please be aware that many bikes including Hondas and Yamahas that are stock are failing the current hand held decibel meter test in the City of Vancouver. Please e-mail your MLA and express your opposition to this impending legislation, and request they work on establishing scientific, repeatable testing instead. Follow this link to find out who your MLA is: