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Dave R
08-30-2004, 10:00 AM
Hey Kids, ok I am back from the 2005 Ducati Dealer meeting that was held last week in Birmingham. AL ! Yes that is were the incredible Barber Motorcycle Museum and racepark is located :happy44:
Jon, Bill and I went down, meeting the first two days and then Friday at the track !
Wednesday we were shown all the new clothing from DP collection this year. They did some work with Ambecrombie and Fitch this year and the casual clothing line is super cool !
Thursday we were shown the 05 Ducati 's !
Starting with Monsters:
620 - New monochromatic paint jobs, red with matching red frames
800 - Now called the MS2R, same style as the sa4R but with the lovely 800 motor, single sided swingarm, stacked pipes. Dark is $7999, painted ones about 600 more. Red with white stripe, white wheels, Black with Tangerine stripe and yellow with black stripe ! Very hot looking bikes !
1000 - no changes
S4R - no changes
MTS620 - Looks like the big brother, inch lower seat height and double sided swingarm, out in May 05, early 06 model
MTS1000 - Same as 04 but with improved seat and reshaped windscreen.
MTS1000S - Ohlins suspension all the way around, available in gloss black with the beautiful gold Ohlins forks sticking out the front ! Stunning !
800- Same as 04
1000- Same as 04 but only available in "Senna" paint scheme which is silver with red wheels
ST3 - I believe it stayed the same BUT with the addition of a wet clutch
ST4S & ABS - all have wet clutch
749D - Same as 04
749B & S - all receive new F04 braced swingarm from 999R, top vent in fairing gone on the front and side panels tucked in tighter like the R model. Red frames I believe
749R - same as 04
999 Bip & Mono - New ALL BLACK color, New look fairing with F04 swingarm, red frames, more HP.
999S - Front brakes from R model, red frame, more HP and very hot looking !
999R - As seen in our showroom already

Thursday night was the dealer dinner and awards and museum tour. :happy23:
Ducati Seattle won National Best Showroom ! Also number one in our District 25 for sales !
I was also awarded a National Best Salesman award.... :D
The museum was off the charts ! We will post pictures very soon on our web site.. words can't describe !

FRIDAY - Out to Barber we go !! :happy44: Finally around 3:30 Bill and I got to climb into our leathers and take some laps on the 05 999R's ! 12 laps of Barber was absolutely heaven ! I have to admit that the heat was way too much for me ! 90degree heat with 90% humidity ! :eek:
I thought I might pass out toward the end but kept it on two wheels ! Unlike some other dealers ! Ouch !
What a track, what a brand !! This meeting was the absolute best I have ever been to in my career in this business ! Ducati did it right...way cool !

Make sure and check out our web site soon.

Dave Roosevelt
Ducat Seattle

08-30-2004, 10:42 AM
Congrats on the awards Dave! Definitely will be keeping an eye out for the pics on the site.
I guess the work you and the boys did on my bike rubbed off on the factory. That's good (and kinda bad - for me anyway).
Do you know if the '05 body work will for on the '04 frames? Sounds like it should. I like the idea of the venting changes. Of course the dark isn't being changed so that's a bit of a letdown but oh well.

Glad you had a great trip, and again congratulations on your achievement. It speaks volumes for you and your staff.

08-30-2004, 10:58 AM
Damn it... That new 800 sounds sweet!

08-30-2004, 11:08 AM
Sounds like a great trip! Any idea when the new bikes will arrive?