View Full Version : New Bridgestone Sport-tour Tire

Ric Caley
05-22-2007, 05:16 PM
Last week at the 10,000km service on my S2R1000, I had the newest rear tire from Bridgestone fitted... a BT 021R. My original BT014 was flattened across the centre, and the tread wear indicators were showing. When I saw the tire, I noticed a deeper tread pattern, with longer grooves than the 014. When I picked it up, it was also a bit heavier feeling... so I wondered how it would feel compared to the OEM skin... I had read about it in an online test : http://www.superbike.co.uk/products/tyres/superbike__Bridgestone_BT021R_news_104571.html
The new tire is FANTASTIC!:happy44: It was raining when I left the dealer, and so I was very easy on the throttle... At First! This tire hooks up and feels planted... all the time! Most excellent... by the time I had ridden 100kms, I was doing wheelies...In the Rain! I have never felt a tire work this well on wet pavement, and on an extended mountain highway ride (in the dry) on Monday, it felt even better. By the end of the day I had run-in the tire to the edges... no more chicken strips, like the 1/4" wide ones I still had on the OEM BT 014's, as I had never had the S2R1000 leaned enough to scuff the edges. With the dual compound tread, harder in the centre and softer on the edges, I think this may be the best sportsbike and touring tire ever(it was designed for the 1400 Kawasaki Sport-tourer). And the high-speed weave on the worn 014 had disappered!
It remains to be seen how it stands up, but based on my first 4 days riding, I like it better than any tire I have used previously... I am running the original BT 014 on the front, as it's only slightly worn. The new tire appears to have the same rounded contours of the 014.