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09-12-2004, 10:23 AM
UKDUC, (Andy) and I (Don) stopped in to Ducati Seattle yesterday to check out the NCR and MotoMaxy bikes.

The NCR is one beautiful machine. Every little piece skillfully crafted. We got there just in time to get a good look at it out in the sunshine of the sidewalk, just before Dave had to take it inside. If you have even the remotest chance of stopping in to see this bike, I highly recommend it. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

The MotoMaxy bike was great. A bit unfinished, but I'm sure that will change once her owner gets her home. The frame is very clean and follows the Ducati theme very well. The exhaust is very cool, and looks very custom from afar. Like the rest of the bike, could use some touch-ups to really make it shine. I'd really like to see this bike after a full detail, with all wiring finished up and engine cleaned. Didn't have a chance to hear it run though.

On the way home, Andy introduced me to one of the best kept secrets of the Seattle area. East Mercer island is just awesome! Turn, turn, turn, turn. They just don't stop! :happy44: I could ride that road back and forth all day. It's no wonder Andy rides to work every day. I myself will be making a few trips that way before heading overseas. One quick run just wasn't enough.

All in all, a good ride out. Dave was great, as always. His parts guy (always forget his name darnit!) was very helpful in finding a new grommet for Andy's steering damper (must have dug through 20+ of them).

I've posted the shots I took while down there. Wish I would have taken more though. http://www.fokust.com/gallery/album104


09-12-2004, 11:52 AM

Very nice pics!

But it seems that Andy has been all over town with many different people from the DNW forum. Good for you Andy!!!! Kinda wouldn't mind hooking up with you for a ride around that sweet road on Mercer Isle. Or, you can PM me with the route I should take.


09-12-2004, 12:05 PM
Definitely the NCR was a Sweeeeet looking bike - real craftsmanship and really gives you ideas (ideas which I could probably never finance ;)) as did Norm's bike, which was not as 'finished' as the NCR, but again just made me want to start attacking my bike with a toolset and a welding kit! Pricing up just a few of my ideas soon made me cool-offf though :rolleyes: As Don says, it would have been fantastic to hear both of the bikes run. BTW Don, your pipes sounded great accelerating down the slip road to the I90...

Thanks to DucSea for finding me that rubber grommet for my damper that Don noticed hanging off just before our ride began (thanks Don! - Must spend more time on the pre-flight inspection...). It took some customization, but seems to be holding up.

East Mercer does get me up in the mornings - many tight tight bends one after another gives you a chance to learn something on one corner and apply it on the next. Also helps wear more of the tire than that strip in the middle!

09-12-2004, 12:41 PM
Hey Miki,

I have been getting around a bit lately ;) I have been happy to find that every Ducati rider I have met has been good people, and of course I love to ride!

Definitely PM me if you would like a ride around the island - only takes 20 mins probably for the whole island, but it is very bendy - maybe a mini Ilse of Man (not ;)). Also it is great to meet more riders from this forum!

If you want to take a trip around in your own time, it is pretty easy - just take the East Mercer exit (if coming from the east side) and take a left at the top of the slip road. This takes you on to East Mercer Way and then just follow the road. It will become West Mercer Way at the southern tip, and you will find the corners open up a bit and the road can encourage you to be a bit quicker, but control is needed on this road as the police do sometimes hide there. I have never seen a cop stopped on East Mercer, but I once saw two within a mile of each other on West Mercer!! Just keep followingthe road until you see freeway signs again on the north side. You will have to pass the first signs for the I90 as they only go Westbound. Continue along a bit more for the Eastbound signs.

Coming from the city is easy too - just get off on the first exit, take a right and you are on West Mercer. The road will take you (eventually) to the Freeway at East Mercer.

Andy :)