View Full Version : Calendar Suggestion

07-25-2007, 07:02 AM
There is a growing collection of fine images of our beloved Ducatis on the submission site. They are touring, tracking, and other 2 wheeled adventure like poses. WebShots provides online printing serivces at reasonable market prices. $15 for regular size and $25 for poster size.

If people who submitted images can resubmit their full size images, members can pick their 12 favorite images and print their own calendars for 2008. It won't be as polished as the professional work done in the past, but if it's "family album" quality you're looking for just so you can relive that great track day you had or that unbelievable trip through Northern California, Utah or Colorado, then the online print calendars look pretty good.

If you know how, you might want to embed your name in the copyright info when uploading full size images.

I know smugmug provides a mechanism for profit from sales to be returned to the account owner as does cafepress. but if we limit the purchases to just members maybe this would be a non-profit member perk when printed through webshots.