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09-29-2004, 04:52 PM
I just recently purchased my first Ducati, a 1999 996s. I love it and it is what I always expected. I had been waiting for the right bike for the right price and finally I found it.

I have two questions about my bike. The first one is in regard to the oil light. The oil light comes on at about 210-220 degrees and only at idle. It does not do it when the bike is cold or when I raise the engine rpm above 1,200. The engine oil is at its proper level. Any ideas?

My other question may sound really dumb, but here it goes. After a day of riding I turned my bike off an felt the exhaust tips. The left tip was hotter than the right. I am guessing this is so because the right exhaust runs under the bike to the front cylinder and is exposed to more air. Am I right, or do I have a problem on my hands.


09-29-2004, 05:12 PM
Congrats on the new ride!!!!

My suggestion re: the oil light would be to drain the oil and send a sample for analysis. If you don't want to wait a while I have some sample bottles (a 6-pack) for Blackstone labs that could be picked up or somehow dispatched PDQ. They will send them out pretty quick but I would suggest an oil change VERY soon.

Put in a known weight of synthetic oil, this might resolve the problem. What it *sounds* like to me (and I'm not Ducati mechanic/expert) is that the oil might be too light or worn out and when the temp comes up high it's thins out too much and causes the oil-pressure sensor to light. Sure the sensor could be bad but my first suggestion has a couple of advantages (I think) that regardless of the cause and final solution has merit.

1 - getting an oil analysis should give you a great picture of the current conditon of the engine that standard diagnostics might not be able to detect (are rights wearing/worn, bearings getting worn, mixture way off, coolant in oil etc. etc.). I run one on EVERY oil change on every vehicle I own.

2 - you will be running known weight, and fresh oil.

as far as the temp diffon the exhaust tips.. hm.. I've never felt mine to see if it does the same thing. Mine don't get very hot so next time I'm out flogging it I'll check it out.

Again.. congrats on the new bike.. definatly look into the oil light issue ASAP and of course.. TAKE SOME PICS!!! :)

09-29-2004, 05:14 PM
OOPS.. Here is the place I use (I should have included the link the first time)


09-29-2004, 11:09 PM
Ok...here's my suggestion... I highly recommend that you change your oil and filter asap. Don't take any chances. If the oil light still comes on after the oil change have the oil pressure check using a pressure gauge. It could just be a faulty idiot light switch. If not, and I want to alarm you, it could be caused by a weak oil pump or worse. In any case it is definitely worth getting it checked. Good luck.