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10-18-2008, 03:00 PM
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My better half and I tried out the Fall City Roadhouse that recently opened in - you guessed it - Fall City. Initial impressions were high as the building has been completely renovated, is quaint and beautiful, the staff was friendly and courteous, the place was loaded with customers and all seemed happy happy. However, all is not at is first appears.

The service was a slow, not horrible, but we waited a good 10 minuted before our waiter said he'd be right with us. The menu is brief but the meals look pretty good. I ordered a grilled prime rib and cheddar and Michelle ordered a fried halibut sandwich which one of the day's specials.

The kitchen was very, very slow. We watched people at the table next to us receive their meal, finish it and pay for it before ours arrived. Mine tasted pretty good, but the fish was way overcooked and really dry. given how long it took, Michelle didn't want to send it back. It was suppose to come with some herbed mayo, which it barely had any of so when she asked for some extra on the side they brought her plain mayo. and that took over 5 minutes as well while our meal was cooling off. My rib sandwich was ok, but some of the meat was "crunchy". don't know if it was bone or gristle. not too much, maybe a bite or two - but still, not what you expect.

The atmosphere was very nice, the views of river are very nice, the menu has potential. maybe if you go in when it's not packed the service would be better. the roads into and out of the area are some of the valley's best so this place has potential for a bike night location. they don't do breakfast so it won't work for a pre-ride meeting place.

recommend one more visit to see if today was fluke or if the place is still have new diner growing pains.

overall -
location - 3 stars
atmosphere - 2-1/2 stars
parking - 2-1/2 stars
food - 2 stars