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    God bless Mark Degross!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thread Starter: ducati

    I literally just got off the phone with him, and he's allowing me to race still. One of my best friends is allowing me to buy his already brand spanking new R6 as well. We're working out the details. I'm super blessed of the Gods of the racing world. Stay...

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    Ducati Photo of the Day

    Thread Starter: JCM5

    Post them here. This thread should gain steam as sunny days become more regular again. I'll start.....

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    Gonna be dirty soon...

    Thread Starter: Bong


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    2013 Multistrada ABS base model for sale.

    Thread Starter: Kool-aid

    Well life sucks sometimes and I'm forced to part with my bike. For sale is my 2013 multistrada. I will get pics later. Silver. Puig short smoke screen, ducati low seat and 3 m protection on most plastics. This is the standard suspension model. I have about 4,100 miles on it and the first...

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    Monster 1100 EVO not holding charge

    Thread Starter: DucPac

    Okay folks, my 2013 Monster EVO 1100 stopped holding a charge for some reason. I have two C-TEK chargers that have been connected to both my Multi and the Monster. I have swapped them out to make sure that the chargers were not the problem, they both work fine. All winter both bikes have been...

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    Roll Call: 5/3/14 - 5/5/14 at The Ridge (Motofit)

    Thread Starter: JCM5

    Following a great opening weekend, time to look ahead to round two! Motofit Group is running three days at The Ridge for the first week of May. Weather permitting I am there Sat and Sunday.

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    Roll Call - 2Fast - The Ridge 20 & 23 May Performance School

    Thread Starter: DucPac

    If my schedule allows, I hope to attend the 2Fast performance school again at The Ridge on either 20 or 23 May. I would like to get a few more of these plus up my track day time too. Last year I had 3 days total. Perhaps this year I can increase to 5-6 days! Anyone planning either of those...

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    Stock 1199 suspension(feeler)

    Thread Starter: Kevin1199

    I'll post up some pics later since I'm at work at the moment. I have a 2012 1199 base and have upgraded the suspension. So I have a used rear shock and will soon have the base marzochi forks that were replaced less than 2 weeks ago under warranty up for grabs. Don't really know what they are worth...

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    FS: 2008 848 Pearl White $7500

    Thread Starter: Carr

    See CL Ad for Photos: http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/mcy/4400830198.html Excellent condition 2008 Ducati 848 in Pearl White with loads of extras. Approx 32k miles with all services performed by Brother's Powersports. Valve adjust and full service performed less than 1,000 miles ago. Asking...

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    Golfing, yes golfing, ha ha ha...

    Thread Starter: DucPac

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    Roll Call: The Ridge 4/12-13/2014

    Thread Starter: JCM5

    Time to shake off the cobwebs. Weather permitting, I'm there. Anyone else? 2Fast will for sure run on the 12th, and will make a call in the days leading up to the weekend on whether or not they will run Sunday as well. http://www.ridgemotorsportspark.com/events/2014-04/ ...

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    2009 1198S

    Thread Starter: theeug7

    Im selling my baby to get the new Monster. PM me for details!!

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    Marymount Motorcycle Week 2014

    Thread Starter: rearickm

    Came across this on Craig's List while watching the 787-9 do laps at Moses Lake.... http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/mcy/4421504348.html

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    Rich Quarre


    Thread Starter: Rich Quarre

    SPOILER WARNING!.......................................................................... ...............................................................................................

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    3 day trip to Grand Coulee

    Thread Starter: kurtfriedrich

    http://johntriggiani.com/my-2014-rides/attendance-is-mandatory/ Mark C asked, so here is the trip report. John, Marv, and I, Mar 31, Apr 1-2. No Ducati's were harmed in the production of this story.

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    @marcmarquez93 shows us how to brake

    Thread Starter: kurtfriedrich


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    Rich Quarre

    Panigale Bar End Mod to Use Lever Guards

    Thread Starter: Rich Quarre

    I wanted to use a lever guard on the 899 for track day stuff. I think I looked at all the lever guard options. Most use an extra long after market clip-on bar to mount the guard to outside of the throttle tube. There are some that also serve as a bar end which use an insert into the bar, but I...

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    Little Track Prep

    Thread Starter: 58TypeDuc

    Figured I have to get the Gnat ready for NRS and latter so instead of taking it to get safety wired, I bought a drill press, jig guide, and did my own. This was one of the last I did on the front forks. Bit sketch looking as it could slip over the bolt but as much as I pry about it, it doesn't...

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    An expensive trophy

    Thread Starter: kurtfriedrich

    So I entered Ducati Bellevue's Monster Challenge last Saturday, figuring with the rain, maybe no one would show up and I might get a cool trophy. Well that plan worked well: But while waiting around for 4 hours for the judging, super salesperson Dave R made me an offer I couldn't refuse:

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    Cheap tube bender or good shop?

    Thread Starter: -dj

    Planning to relocate my conical lows up high and will need to add a set of connector pipes to connect the header to the mufflers. This shouldn't be too difficult with the proper sized pipe and a tube bender. Looking around though, they seem to cost a pretty penny, even for the manual ones. Anyone...

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