As the perpetual Group 100 rider maybe I have a perspective that will be helpful.

Yes, as a first step take any of the track day training classes.

Then get out and just start doing more track days.

I ride for the fun of it, because it forces me to be in better shape then I would if I was only a couch potato and because it's fun. I have no ambition to be fast(est).

So maybe the best advice I got from an instructors was 'let the speed find you'.

A class will teach you good lines, body position and talk about things you will need to develop to be a better rider, on the track and street, but not until you start riding on the track will you develop those skills. Your lines will get better, your vision and awareness will get better, you will start accelerating sooner and harder, your corner entry speed will go up, you will start trail braking - and the speed will find you. Out on the track.

(And then later when things start coming together a class may be helpful again.)

But be careful. It is addictive. So come on out and join us, this is a great group of track riders who have the addiction and are always willing to a share their knowledge and experience.

I would bet that in no time at all you'll leave me behind in the 100 Group.